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I'm here to help my clients obtain value with the highest quality of service with the most strategic positions and actions to increase financial gain & money saved.  I help you protect your equity while transitioning you to your new situation smoothly.  Detailed Care & Expertise with Proven Results (See my Testimonials).  My team and I are diversified to cater to situations uniquely.  My passion and enjoyment is feeling the results of home runs for the people that I've served.  I'd like to meet you in person to understand your situation to be able to help you celebrate the results that we will achieve together, within the time frame that you've set!  My attention is on our unified goal!  My intention is to make you happy!  Call me   9096875558

My experience with Tom through the beginning of my loan process until closing. He's excellent, understands his clients, and communicates the key points. He gave me clarification through escrow and loan process. Very helpful and knowledgeable guided me, and advising what was best to my interest during stressful moments, and I couldn't wait till it was all done. I highly recommend Tom, very professional, patient, and sincere. Thanks to him, I am thrilled with my purchase in Rancho Cucamonga.